Real Estate trends

Looking at the figures of the first trimester 2020, and speaking to our customers, we expect Casa de Campo and its unique portfolio of luxury homes will have a bright future. Despite of the current challenges, average prices went up and the number of sales for this period was the same as in 2019, with an even higher volume of lots changing ownership. In total the sales volume was close to 20 Million US$, with about 20 properties under contract *

Our home has become more important now than ever, and families are looking for places that offer the best outdoors, so if they have to stay at home, they can still enjoy nature, and have an active life. We foresee prices to remain stable in a very active market, with great interest also by our local market. The international market is only waiting to have travel bans lifted, and have shown a lot of interest in our homes, not only as an investment, but as a valuable alternative to their main home. Casa de Campo has shown to be an excellent place with important lifesavers : fast internet, supermarket opening hours with dedicated times for the vulnerable, deliveries or pick ups from various sources, and an opportunity to jog, walk, or bike.

For people who are thinking of selling, this is a good time to move ahead. Buyers and sellers will meet in a fair market value trade. 

We are here to help you with your questions. We have dedicated ourselves to update our marketing skills and have improved our platforms, so we can now offer virtual walkthrough visits. Our potential buyers can now visit your home even if they are miles away. But for locals, we have made sure that all visits are perfectly same. It helps that most properties are individual homes, so it is easy to arrange to have all doors open, all appliances on, so that any person can safely inspect without touching a single handle or knob.

We also see a bright future for the private rental market. This year, our high season didn't end at Easter, with lots of inquiries for the high season. Lots of families have rented for longer term a home where they can home school their kids, work from home, and enjoy the outdoors. And where they can avoid contact with other people they don't know, so we foresee they will rather prefer a private home than a big hotel. Staying healthy and happy is so much easier here.


* sources : data compiled from published numbers by CasadeCampoRE, DRSotheby's Realty, independent brokers, and direct sales.