Take advantage of Casa de Campo’s summer golf clinics, so your kids can make lots of friends while developing a healthy attitude.

Kids should be encouraged to practice a sport. It’s fun and games but adds many additional benefits like helping to integrate children socially and acquire fundamental values. It also helps provide proper muscle development and growth.

Clinics are at the Teeth of the Dog Practice and Learning Facility beginning on August 5th until August 23rd, and are limited to maximum 10 kids.

4-7 year olds : 11 AM - 12 PM, 24 US$ per class

8-17 year olds : 10 AM - 12 PM, 42 US$ per class

Is your child already at Tournament Level ? then they can participate in the Elite classes, with maximum 5 participants.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2 PM - 5 PM, 118 US$ per class.

As Dominican Republic is more popular than ever, a number of airlines hopped on the wagon to amplify their offers.

Starting November, Air Canada will have an additional flight form Ottawa to Punta Cana. Westjet also is offering a new flight from Calgary for the winter season. And of course Air Baton Rouge still is another option to get from snow to beach in only a couple of hours. They fly into Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and Samana.

From Europe, Condor will be offering additional flight to the north coast and to Samana.

Both Avior and Ravsa offer flights from Venezuela into Santa Domingo, while Jetblue stays the leader in flights from the USA as the airline transported 2.7 Million passengers last year, and has already a 22 % increase this year. 

Airline connections represent a major asset for potential buyers and rental clients, and very few destinations can offer the advantages we have in the Dominican Republic.



Golf courses in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Before renting one of our vacation homes, check out the yearly Summer 2019 Maintenance Schedule 

Dye Fore Chavón: CLOSED June 3 – 30, 2019

Teeth of the Dog: CLOSED June 24 – July 28, 2019

Dye Fore Marina: CLOSED July 1 – 28, 2019

The Links: CLOSED July 29 – August 25, 2019

Teeth of the Dog: CLOSED September 23 -29, 2019

Dye Fore Lakes: CLOSED October 7-27, 2019

 The Gold Cup Polo Games , the fourth corresponding to the season of Polo Challenge 2019, started this week, Wednesday, March 20th with Monterosso and La Arantina in charge of kicking off the tournament on the polo field at Lechuza. The season has seen three cups so far and has definitely proved to be an awesome and exciting one! Four teams of up to 16 goals are participating in the Gold Cup. This edition will include 6 days of amazing games with finals taking place on March 30th.

Also,  the Tour of the Sun will be back for the second time where some of the country’s main car and motorcycle clubs will meet in the polo fields to bring us an incredible exhibition of high-end cars and motorcycles, belonging to the Porsche Club, Mercedes Benz Classic Club, AMG Club, Group 9once, Autosport Group, 100 Octanes, Camaroneros, MINI Club, Revo, Harley Owners Group, Natives, Bohemians, Ducatis, Motorrad, Vespas and Café Racers.

Spectators will be able to appreciate the amazing designs and attributes of the cars in the exclusive sports and family atmosphere of the Casa de Campo polo fields, where there will also be a great party with live music, food trucks, cocktails, lounges, cigars and a fun petting zoo set up for children to experience the country life.


All guests have to register with the Casa de Campo resort to have access to all amenities. 

These golf courses need a break to be in full shape again and will be closed for a short period :

  • Teeth of the Dog : June 18- July 29 / October 1 - 3
  • Links : July 30 - August 26
  • Dye Fore Chavon : closed till September 30
  • Dye Fore Due Fore Lakes : October 1-21
  • Private La Romana Country Club new 9 : July 9 - August 6


School is almost out and many parents are already looking into fun activities for their kids. Here are some of the best alternatives when staying at Casa de Campo :

Summer camp :

  • June 25- Aug 10. Monday - Friday 9 am - 1 pm. Age 4 - 12. 150 US$ per child / per week.
  • Includes pool and beach time, banana boat ride, tennis, horse riding, arts and crafts, and snacks.

Tennis Camp :

  • June 18 - August 24 - Monday - Friday 9 am - 12 pm. Age 6 - 14 years. 50 US$ per child / per week.
  • Includes 2 hours tennis, 1 hour football, 1 hour volleyball, pool time and much more fun.




  1. Proper lighting: the right lighting will instantly make your visitors more welcome and happy. Guests come to the Caribbean for sun, dark spaces won’t attract them and it will influence their decision to rent or buy your home. Concentrate on living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms and make your new fixtures a design element, combined with nice table lamps.
  2. Upgrade your kitchen: make sure your pots and pans are in good condition and your appliances don’t look old and rusty. If you can’t invest in new countertops, at least make sure to have good appliances. Stainless steel is best and goes with any later renovation you might think of. Above all: make it clean and grease free. Although we all have staff to cook, it still must be an area that appeals to you to make that exceptional home cooked meal.
  3. Makeover your bedrooms:  your guests will love comfortable mattresses and nice bedsheets, fluffy pillows, and curtains that block out the tropical sun early in the morning. Get inspiration from surfing high end hotel websites if you are not sure about the style you want to go with.
  4. Uplift your bathrooms: make sure your bathrooms have proper lighting, ensure that fixtures are shiny and the water pressure is adequate. Some fragrant soaps, high quality towels, and a make-up mirror will be highly appreciated.
  5. Comfortable outside furniture: in our tropical climate, your guests are spending most of the day outside, so it makes sense to have comfortable pool loungers with clean cushions. Make sure you have umbrellas or shaded places for those who want to be out of the sun. A basket with clean and high quality pool towels will make the tropical experience complete.
  6. Also make sure you palm trees are cleaned and nobody gets hurt from a falling coconut.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Starting tomorrow Tuesday 16 th of January at 3.30 PM , all kids can enjoy practicing at the new football field. This field is a great addition to the sports amenities Casa de Campo is offering to the children living here. The new field meets de FIFA dimensions, has automatic sprinklers and prime grass. It is located next the Vereda area.

Also The Golf Academy just started for kids 4-7 and 8-17 years old. They can take classes on Tuesday and Thursday, from 5-6 PM for the little ones, and Monday and Wednesday from 4.30 - 6 PM for the older ones, both at the Teeth of the Dog practice facility. Prices start as low as 150 US$ per semester.

A survey found that for every hour an agent spends in your presence, he/she will spend an average of nine hours out of eyesight working on your behalf. Unlike a lot of professions, where people are paid hourly or are on a salary, real estate agents don’t get paid until the home sale/purchase closes. In the meantime, they are doing multiple tasks behind the scenes for weeks, sometimes even months, to get a home transaction to the settlement table. In today’s complicated real estate environment, there are hundreds of tasks. While each client and each home sale is different, here’s a look into the what, when, where and why in the day of a real estate agent.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Both buyer’s agents and seller’s agents must keep up with the inventory of the homes that are on the market. They must know details of homes that have recently sold, and the latest market statistics and trends, like how long homes are taking to sell, what the average and median prices are, how much sellers are getting in sales price compared to their list price…and muchmore.

Staying on top of the local market takes hours of research, as the inventory and data are changing every day and requires constant review.

Market knowledge also requires that agents personally tour homes, whether through broker’s open houses or by previewing the home personally. Real estate agents must be familiar with nuances in home styles, floor plans, construction details, and much more, to provide information to their buyers and their sellers. Knowledge of the lifestyle and amenities afforded by various neighborhoods and communities is crucial to help buyers find their dream home.

Knowledge of Real Estate Laws and Practices

A Realtor must stay aware and informed on all real estate laws and forms used in the process.

Today’s constantly advancing technologies affect real estate like virtually no other industry. Real estate agents must stay on top of the latest technology tools available to best serve their clients. In an effort to be a trusted adviser to their clients, a proficient Realtors takes hours of continuing education to enhance their business acumen, and their skills.

Communication and Follow-up

Much of a real estate agent’s day is spent communicating. The mobile phone is a constant companion. Text messages, emails, and yes, old fashioned phone calls are an ever-present aspect of business. Communication can come from buyers, sellers, cooperating agents, lenders, title services, inspectors, office personnel, or third party vendors. Follow-up is vital in today’s on-demand world of business. For a real estate agent, the work day never ends at 5 pm nor on Friday afternoon.

Managing the Real Estate Process

Buying and selling real estate is a process. Like an orchestra, it has many moving parts and many human beings playing their parts. The Realtor is the conductor. From the first connection with the home buyer or home seller to the crescendo moment when they hand over the keys, the agent manages numerous aspects of the real estate transaction. There are literally hundreds of tasks that go into ensuring a successful outcome.

A Realtor is a rare breed of business person, motivated by the desire to help people. Buying and selling a home is often the most complicated and expensive purchase of their lifetime and can be among the top stressful life events for people. Additionally, it is often accompanied by stressful life circumstances, like a new relationship, a divorce, new marriage, new baby, downsizing, change in job, relocation, and many other positive and negative life changes. Realtors regularly find themselves in the role of manager, scheduler, concierge, researcher, paper-pusher, negotiator, coordinator, mediator, shrink/marriage counselor, child entertainer, interior decorator, photographer, and all-around problem solver!

To assure the best possible outcome in your real estate goals, take advantage of the expertise of a local qualified Realtor. Make sure you choose a real estate professional that you can use as a trusted adviser.

( Inspired by : Karen Highland with Frederick Real Estate Online )