Professional Property Management

If you have been a long-time property owner or if you just purchased a property, you might feel overwhelmed by the time and patience it takes to effectively manage your home. If you rent it, or if you live most of the time abroad, looking after your property might prove to be a major headache. A good Property Manager can help you deal with routine management and maintenance issues that surface quite frequently in this tropical climate. Time is money, and a dedicated Property Manager can prove to be invaluable. Most likely you just know how true this statement is. Many home owners receive excessive repair bills just because they do not speak enough Spanish to have negotiated a fair price. Or whenever they come to enjoy their property they might find half of their appliances not working properly and have to spend precious vacation time running around to get everything fixed. Home property management is as much a responsibility as a full time job. Therefore , it is important to have an organized professional doing it for you. We are genuinely concerned about the resort community because we are members of the community ourselves, dedicated to protecting individual rights and the public interest.We offer you a complete custom-made management program, including

  • rental promotion on our website
  • rental management
  • household maintenance and cleaning
  • pool cleaning and repairs
  • auditing and processing bill payments
  • staff supervision
  • interior decoration
  • pest control
  • household repairs

If your are interested to join our management program, please send us an email at