Real Estate in Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo, the most complete Caribbean resort, is a well established luxury residential community, consisting of over 1,700 villas and condominiums. New construction in every section of the resort is an example of the financial growth and stability that Casa de Campo has always enjoyed.

A favorite spot for the world's famous elite, property values show positive growth for more than 25 years. Here you can experience the most active lifestyle, or the most secluded retreat. Casa de Campo Real Estate prices typically range from 450,000 USD - 20,000,000 USD.

Available at this moment :

  • 400,000 - 975,000 US dollars 
    Golf villas, Polo villas, Las Canas, Los Lagos, Cajuiles, los Limones, Vivero II
  • 1 M - 2 M US dollars
    La Barranca, Vistamar, Los Mangos, Los Lagos, La Marina, Los Almendros, Los Limones, Las Palmas, Rancho Arriba, Las Colinas, Las Terrazas, Las Pinas, Los Tamarindos, Vivero
  • 2 M - 3.5 M US dollars
    Barranca Oeste, Barranca Este, Las Lomas, Rio Arriba, Las Palmas, El Ingenio, El Valle, El Batey, Vistamar, Vivero, Bahia Chavon
  • 3.5 M - 5 M US dollars
    La Barranca, Barranca Oeste
  • More than 5 M US dollars
    top exclusive villas on demand only
  • Lots for sale
    prices start at 370,000 US dollars ( 596 m2 - 6,322 sq.feet ) up to 2 M.
  • Marina docks
    70 feet : 245,000 US dollars Parking spot : 27,000 US dollars